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After Mormonism Apologetics Ministry was established to provide resources to Christian churches, leaders, and individual Christians regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This Utah based religion is one of the fastest growing religious movement currently found within the United States according to the Pew Forum and Council of Churches.  Despite their prominence both in terms of numbers and influence particularly within the Western United States there is still a great deal of misinformation and a fundamental lack of understanding regarding their theology and their message.  The LDS Church is a proactive evangelistic religion that has over 40,000 missionaries mobilize spreading their message.  Is you church/congregation prepared to compare that message against Biblical teachings and traditional Protestant theology?

Our aim is that this website and the content posted here will become an indispensable resource for Christians looking for further information about the Latter-Day Saint movement, their culture, their history, and their core doctrines.  While there is an incredible amount of information available concerning the LDS Church on the World Wide Web, much of it either from the perspective of proselytizing the LDS faith or those that seek the spread misinformation, our ministry seeks to  provide a balanced and unique perspective to Christians, as our speakers are former LDS members who have lived within the church and it’s culture, before accepting Jesus Christ.

Our ministries works tirelessly to educate Christians regarding the Mormon message, while our sister ministry Former Mormons Ministries is working tirelessly in assisting and support Mormons and former Mormons in coming to the Jesus Christ of the Bible.


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